Sylar (ttlymostspecial) wrote in purgfanworks,

In the chat, people ask me to draw weird things. And then I draw them. And I figured it was time... to share the weird shit that comes from my brain in a permanent place on the internetz. So it can be remembered always. :|

Here's a horrible poster I made to depict what life would be like if B took residence in the Gray-Bennet household. Yes. ... Just like that.

The creeper alliance! It's a.... beautiful... mantrain... of sexiness. Here's a version with B blushing, for lulz.

Here's B slowly rising from under the covers. Like a ninja. To... well, to Claire's horror anyway.

Here's B and Claire arguing over jam. My computer decided to hate me that day.

At Brandi's request. She wanted to see Sylar... making waffles for Claire and B in race car pajamas. AND I LIVE TO PLEASE????

Christmas at the Gray-Bennet household. It will be a... truly eventful... time for all involved. Even for Adam, who went into the kitchen to ignore all the crazy bitches. :|

Sylar gathered his... imaginary dysfunctional family and took them all to IHOP. it's beautiful. You love it. Don't try to deny it.

Yeah buddy. There was going to be a part three but I was lazy. Pretend B killed everyone in the parking lot. And they had to stuff the bodies in the soccer mom van.
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