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[FIC] One Sentence

Title: One Sentence
Author: Relika
Fandom: Gundam 00 and others
Characters: Allelujah, Hallelujah, and others mentioned
Warnings: Some sap/cheesiness.
Notes: Done using the prompts from 1sentence, theme set Gamma. Fifty themes, one sentence for each, second time I'm doing this (using a different set now). Also, credit totally goes to Hebe for prompt 47.

#01 – Ring – He feels ridiculously sappy when he looks at the ring on his hand, and is careful not to spend too much time looking at it in the presence of other people, since he's positive that he looks like a lovesick woman when doing so.

#02 – Hero – If nothing else, Hallelujah tried to keep Allelujah thinking practically; the kinder personality couldn't but facepalm when Hallelujah gave him the mental image of Lockon wearing spandex and a cape when he was sick of his hero-worshipping.

#03 – Memory – He's extremely grateful to have gotten the memory back of Soma as Marie, even if she won't accept that part of her; he doesn't mind, though, because he's come to truly care about the woman she is now anyway.

#04 – Box – The lower level held with it a certain feeling of being trapped; it'd take him upwards of a year to get out of it.

#05 – Run – He was better now when it came to solving his problems rather than running away from them, but it didn't stop him from being too scared once in a while.

#06 – Hurricane – It wasn't often that they experienced harsh weather at Purgatorium, but as bad as it was, there was a strange sense of coming together as they worked in tandem to board up the windows.

#07 – Wings – Seeing how Grimmjow and Wice could effortlessly fly through the air without the aid of a mobile suit always made Hallelujah wonder what it would feel like to have wings.

#08 – Cold - The winter seemed like it would never end, snow still on the ground in mid-March—had it lasted this long last year?

#09 - Red – Hallelujah's obsession with blood never failed to disturb him, but it was easier to deal with when he thought of the red liquid as life instead of death.

#10 – Drink – Allelujah swore to himself that he'd never drink again after a particularly embarrassing late night mix-up of the Dylandy twins.

#11 – Midnight – He hated it when the house got deathly quiet past midnight; every sound seemed amplified, and he could only imagine how much the others heard from his own room.

#12 – Temptation – He knew that he would never cheat on Lockon, loved him too much, was completely devoted to him; he was beginning to hate himself for the fact that Lyle provided such a temptation.

#13 – View – His favorite thing about living on the upper level was being able to stargaze at night, the Dylandy twins on either side of him.

#14 – Music – Klavier still wouldn't let up on his persisting for Allelujah to join his choir, but Allelujah still didn't want to sing to anyone but Lockon.

#15 – Silk – He loved running his hand through Lockon's hair, fingers sliding along strands that often felt smooth as silk.

#16 – Cover – Lyle would sometimes get into arguments with him over which one of them was supposed to protect the other; each man wanted himself to be the protective wall.

#17 – Promise – Lockon and Lyle had both promised to never leave Purgatorium, but Allelujah was still scared, since it often wasn't a person's choice whether to stay or go.

#18 – Dream – He was getting strange recurring dreams yet again; he wasn't sure whether to blame Hallelujah or the Dylandy twins for denying Hallelujah's birthday request.

#19 – Candle – It was good to have electricity now that they were n the upper level, but he missed the sort of light the candles gave his room at night.

#20 – Talent – Lockon was the only one to know that Hallelujah could draw much better than he let on, and the supersoldier meant to otherwise take that secret to the grave.

#21 – Silence – It was strange to hear how silent the house got at night, considering that it was constantly loud and noisy throughout the day.

#22 – Journey – Sometimes he couldn't believe how much he had changed since he first got to Purgatorium, both physically and mentally.

#23 – Fire – There were times that he would jolt awake from vivid nightmares, his scars burning as if the wounds had just been inflicted upon him.

#24 – Strength – With Grimmjow gone, Hallelujah became more secure with his own physical strength again; not that he didn't miss the bastard sorely.

#25 – Mask – Only Allelujah and in a way Lockon knew the full extent of how Hallelujah had changed within a year; his mask was still strong and secure.

#26 – Ice – Building a snowman with Mileina had been fun until she decided to start pelting him with snowballs for fun; he couldn't bring himself to fight back against a fourteen year old girl.

#27 – Fall – He sometimes hated how easily he fell for people now—not romantically, but just becoming extremely attached to them.

#28 – Forgotten – One of his greatest fears wasn't just Lockon dying, but the man losing the memory of him if he died there in Purgatorium.

#29 – Dance – Lyle hadn't known how to dance, and wasn't exactly very graceful; teaching him had earned Allelujah extremely sore toes afterwards.

#30 – Body – There were times when the Haptisms wished to have their own bodies, but they knew that ultimately, they couldn't bear parting with their closeness.

#31 – Sacred – The altar should have been the most sacred spot in the church, but Allelujah couldn't help but blush at the memories of what Hallelujah and Grimmjow (and even Hallelujah and Lockon!) had done on it.

#32 – Farewell – What he hated most about Soma and Tieria's departures was that he never had the chance to say goodbye.

#33 – World – He didn't even really think of Earth as his home anymore, but rather just the world he came from.

#34 – Formal – With a glass or two of champagne in him at the latest formal ball, he couldn't distinguish one suited Dylandy from the other despite the age difference between them.

#35 – Fever – He'd never gotten sick before in his life, so it was nothing short of terrifying when he felt his entire self burning up, the cool washcloth on his forehead feeling as if it were the only thing preventing him from being set aflame.

#36 – Laugh – Allelujah couldn't help but laugh when Lyle shoved Lockon into the water, even if he knew that it'd just lead to revenge against him as well.

#37 – Lies – There were many times that Hallelujah would lie to put the blame on himself when Allelujah did something he was ashamed of; he'd rather Allelujah's relationships be maintained than his own.

#38 – Forever – He wondered if they aged to the point of death in Purgatorium; not likely, so would they remain there forever?

#39 – Overwhelmed – With Aeolia Schenberg gone, as the technical most senior member of Purgatorium's Celestial Being, Allelujah was pretty much running the whole operation; he made himself take on as many responsibilities as possible, even if exhausted him.

#40 – Whisper – He hated it when Hallelujah tried to interfere in his more...intimate situations, whispering constant tips, advice, and running commentary in the back of his head.

#41 – Wait – With Tomoe being around, Allelujah always got nervous when either Lockon or Lyle went out, anxiously waiting for them to come back safe and sound.

#42 – Talk – He was surprised at how comfortable it felt to have conversations with Lyle about nearly anything, happy that he had found another true friend.

#43 – Search – At this point, Lyle's room was the first place he'd look in when his own underwear was missing, Neil (the dog) still having not broken his habit.

#44 – Hope – The relationship he and Soma had eventually grown into gave him hope that the Dylandy brothers would definitely find a way to reconcile completely; siblings were siblings in the end, after all.

#45 – Eclipse – He wondered what a solar eclipse would look like from the surface, but although Purgatorium had a sort of sun and moon, he wasn't sure whether it mirrored the Earth's rotation.

#46 – Gravity – There were times when he missed the feel of zero gravity, almost having found a certain comfort in it back in space.

#47 – Highway – Allelujah was glad that there were no highways in Purgatorium or Hallelujah would be driving around like a maniac trying to ram other people.

#48 – Unknown – Living in ignorant bliss or living with anxiety of knowing what tragedy his future supposedly held—he wasn't sure which would have been worse.

#49 – Lock – Hallelujah held his true emotions and feelings under lock and key most of the time; aside from Allelujah, he'd maybe lend the key to Lockon for a few brief moments in an extreme situation.

#50 – Breathe – He watches the rise and fall of Lockon's chest every night, not letting himself drift off until he's secure that his lover is safe, alive, and there with him.
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