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[FIC] I Believe

Title: I Believe
Author: Relika
Fandom: Purgatorium...?
Characters: A ton.
Warnings: Sappy sap sap. It's what I'm best at.
Notes: This is my gift to Purg. ♥ Been wanting to write this for a while. I tried to include as many characters as I could, or at the least, one per mun. Unfortunately, there are some I left out because I just don't know enough about them to be able to write about them. If I coudn't include them or forgot to include them, I'm really really sorry D: It's nothing personal. Finally, as the title says, this fic is very much inspired by the song "I Believe" by Blessid Union of Souls. Go find it and listen, it's pretty.

It's cleaning day at White Fang. Citrine hates that they're losing a day of work, especially because of their low manpower (though she insists that they're more efficient than those bumbling idiots at Celestial Being), but headquarters is becoming a mess and the files are becoming unsorted. Everyone is assigned to a job; Citan is getting the paperwork in proper order, Billy and Graham are doing some of the menial mopping and dusting, and it goes on. Citrine herself is on supervisor duty, making sure that everything is getting done.

She doesn't exactly expect Graham to randomly toss a wet rag at Billy, or for Billy to retaliate by smacking him in the face with a mop. The room breaks out into some sort of childish chaos, Citrine watching in absolute horror.

But when she herself gets caught in the crossfire, she can't fight a slight grin as she takes a balled up rag and throws it at the nearest person, accuracy tuned by her battles with Ed.


It's spring now. The flowers in the yard of the flower shop are finally starting to bloom, and Soma knows that the shop will be fully in stock soon. It's still strange to go from a soldier to working at a shop like this, but there could be worse things. The peace is interesting.

She still longs for her family back home—Sergei and the others—but the pain is starting to lessen, at least. There's a bracelet on her left wrist that that man insisted she wore. The failure, the grey and gold. A gift, he said. Despite her inner turmoil, she can't bring herself to ever take it off.

Her thoughts are cut off by the glimpse of a head of white hair. Mao is crouched down next to a rose bush with a pair of clippers, examining them carefully while absentmindedly humming a tune to himself. He begins to clip the flowers off of the bush, seemingly not even noticing the thorns on the stems. A dozen flowers later, he's facing Soma and holding the bouquet out to her, not seeing or caring about the blood dripping from his fingers. "Soma, Soma~" he says excitedly. "These are for you~"

"Oh,'re bleeding," Soma whispers. "That's not how you do it. You're supposed to cut off the thorns." But she reaches forward, carefully taking the bouquet and ignoring the scratching on her own hands. She meets Mao's smile just as widely, tilting her head down afterwards to revel in the scent of the roses.


A month? Two? It's hard to judge time in Purgatorium. Too many have come before this one, and he can't stop the feeling of weariness and fear that he's going to lose his brother yet again. Was this his punishment? Ed looks out the window, watching Al and Wrath playing out back. It's strange to see them laughing together when they were n opposite sides back home. Still, things have changed, and he can't really complain now.

He gets lost in thought and doesn't see the quick flash of light, nor the door opening not too long afterwards. It isn't until he feels a tap on his shoulder that he turns, seeing Al standing in front of him.

"Here, brother. I made this for you," he says as he holds out a small toy horse. Ed looks shocked at first, but is soon enveloping his younger brother in a hug. Al complains that he's squeezing too tight, but he's not really complaining.


Training with Wice is always interesting because it's so different from what she's used to. He's a much smaller target, and he has to hold back, because Kanan would never be able to come close to hitting him if he didn't. She still insists that he try, though; if she's sparring against someone she considers her little brother, she doesn't want him to sit there and take her kicks.

He's all smiles as they fight, and it's almost hard to take him seriously. But he's a good, challenging sparring partner. In a way, he's a link to her former teacher (she doesn't want to admit she misses the bastard, even if she sorely does).

There are, of course, extreme differences from said former teacher. Namely in that Wice usually ends the fight with tackling her to the ground, hugging her with an excited "Kanaaaaan~". She pats him on the head afterwards, hugging back and not minding that he doesn't let her up for a little while.


Tsukasa, Demyx has learned, has a real penchant for getting into trouble. First the Elle thing, then the kid decided that it would be a bright idea to wander into a dungeon alone... He was beginning to wonder if he was going to have to go on constant babysitter duty in order to keep him safe.

He's tending to his latest wounds, Tsukasa weakly apologizing among vague complains about the stinging of the antiseptic. Demyx responds by chastising him for constantly putting himself in danger, but his words are more gentle than they are harsh.

It's strange, he thinks, how Tsukasa makes him feel. Mainly that he makes him feel. Wasn't one of the main aspects of a Nobody that they didn't have a heart? But without a heart, how could he feel this way? Demyx brushes a stray lock of hair out of Tsukasa's face, still baffled...but he decides that ultimately, it's not really such a bad thing.


Dinner is over, and now that the dishes are washed and put away, the members of the affectionately named "CBhaus" take the time to relax in the living room. It's the end of a long day, and coming together as a kind of family helps the general mood.

Kanan and Nena take the time to torture Mihael by jabbing at his sides, the attack on both fronts leaving the blue-haired man with an inability to counterattack. Klavier plays guitar not too far away while Ema and Toshiko listen on, but he can't help but pause and break into laughter at the sight of Mihael and the girls.

Saji and Setsuna are the victims of an assault themselves. Louise has grabbed a few nearby pillows off of a couch and given one each to herself and the boys. She starts smacking both of them with her own pillow, claiming that she wants to have a pillow fight. She only gets blank stares in return, which causes her to hit them harder while whining that they're never any fun at all.

There's a glass of whiskey being nursed by Sumeragi as she looks on, chuckling to herself, thinking that the atmosphere is better than most any they've had back home. She places her glass down for a little while, lost in thought; she doesn't notice small hands wrapping around it and taking it away until she hears a cry of "This apple juice tastes horrible!" The tactician spins to the side, wide eyed as she sees Mileina there, holding the glass with a grimace on her face. She snatches her drink back, reprimanding Mileina and hoping that the small-framed girl wouldn't somehow get drunk from the tiny amount she had.

It's been an especially tired day for Allelujah, and he's sprawled out on the couch, the upper half of his body laying in the laps of the Dylandy twins. He murmurs incoherent words as Lockon strokes his hair, nearly purring when he scratches his scalp lightly, eliciting a smile from the sniper. Beside him, Lyle decides to try to do the same thing as his brother to Allelujah, half to annoy Lockon and half because he actually wants to (platonically, of course). Unfortunately, Neil the puppy would have none of this, and every time Lyle's hand got near Allelujah's hair, Neil growled softly and swatted at it with his paw. Lockon couldn't help but laugh at it, so Lyle took the opportunity to lean in and yank harshly at his twin's hair instead.

Tieria sits on the stairs next to Michel, having spent the time silently observing the rest of the household. It's an intriguing albeit confusing sight, and all the laughter and smiles seem strange coupled with the dark and dismal place they lived in (though at least the upper level held with it some sunlight). "How is it that people find it so easy to live in this world?" he murmurs. "Monsters are always attacking, we live in constant anticipation of potential unexpected danger that can be far greater than we can handle, some of these people have even experienced their own deaths... How is it that a person remains sane and even happy throughout all of this?"

Michel is quiet for a moment before gesturing around the room at everyone. Mihael's torture, Klavier's guitar playing, Louise's attempted pillow fight, Sumeragi scolding Mileina, the Haptism and Dylandy pile.

"It's a very simple answer," Michel says as he turns to look at Tieria with a wink and a grin. "You're looking right at it."
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