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Title: Purg Elementary vignette that I'm too lazy to name
Characters: Karina, Ali, Kanan, Mihael
Rating: So G it is made of pure sugar.

Karina was at her wit's end.



And the two kids clattering up to her were pretty much the reason why. Whereas most of her students seemed to get along well enough with one another, for some reason there were two in particular who just couldn't get through the day without pulling hair or kicking or biting-- that had been an interesting conversation with the parents-- one another.

"Miss 'Rina, Mihael won't stop pullin' my hair!"

"She kicked me first!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"



And she found herself being pressured to make a judgement by two pairs of eyes, one the gray of storm clouds, the other the red of an inferno. It was somewhat unnerving, having these two rather dominant personalities pushing her for a response. Luckily, she was rescued relatively quickly.

"You're both in trouble," Ali growled, towering over the kids like a giant. "You two care to explain who left the blocks all over the playroom? And who kicked over Allelujah's block castle, while you're at it?"

It was testament to Ali's aura that the two cringed, though interestingly, Mihael stepped in front of Kanan, who was pulling on her own pigtails in fear. "We didn't do it! That was Hallelujah!"

"If I've told you two once, I've told you a thousand times, there's no kid by that n--"

Karina stepped in. No use getting someone else into this fight. "You two go pick up the blocks and tell the others that it's almost naptime, alright?"

Kanan nodded, eyes big in gratitude, and Mihael rolled his eyes and grabbed Kanan's wrist. "C'mon."

Ali watched them go, and turned to Karina. "And you wonder why I drink."

* * *

"I want the blue blanket!"

"It's MY turn!"



"It's not fair! Blue's my favorite color!" Kanan half-whined, stomping her foot.

"But it's MY hair color, so the blanket should be mine! Go find a brown blanket."

"Brown's ugly!" She picked up a corner of the blanket, and yanked. Mihael almost tumbled but managed to catch the other end, yanking back.

"So's your fac-- OW!" Kanan frowned at him as he rubbed his shin. "Why'd you have to go and kick me?"

"You called me ugly. Arc says boys aren't ever supposed to call girls ugly."

"I don't see no girl."

Kanan's eyes got bigger, and her brow furrowed, but before she could retaliate, Karina made her way to the two. "Now, now, you two. You can share the blanket." Her words were mild, but there was steel behind them, and the look she was giving them-- tired, frustrated, and ready to have the two sent to the principal's, or worse, to Ali's room. "Now lie down. You're keeping everyone awake."

Mihael scowled as he plopped down, Kanan following suit with a vaguely dissatisfied expression. They both curled onto their sides, and Karina draped the blanket over them. Immediately a tug-of-war began, but she didn't have the energy. They'd fall asleep soon enough, anyway.

And true enough, Karina looked up ten minutes later to see them sprawled out, blanket forgotten in their sleep. Mihael had a hand around one of Kanan's pigtails and Kanan was asleep with her thumb in her mouth. Soon enough, their big brothers would come get them-- Johann and Arcien would deal with the two well enough. As for her, she had to hunt Ali down. Maybe he had some wine he could spare.
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