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Apurgatorium Fan Works

Crack. Lots of crack. ...Plus other stuff.

Purgatorium Fanworks
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Purgatorium Fanworks is community based on the roleplay, apurgatorium, and because of how quickly things had spawned, purgfanworks was formed in order for members to post their ficftion, art, and icons that are strictly based on apurgatorium. If you're not a mun there, chances are, this community is not for you and may be too 'wtf', it will contain high levels of crack and strange.
1. Join. Prior to posting, one must be a member of the community eljay will try to bite you if you try to post without joining. Or something. I think.
1. Purgatorium related things. Only. This is a Purgatorium community, so we ask that only things that are related to Purgatorim posted here. There's no restrictions otherwise on what you post.
2. LJ-Cuts are your friend. Any art, icons (if more than three are posted) as well as fanfiction should be cut.
3. NC-17/NSFW stuff needs to be FRIENDS LOCKED. This is to be safe. Also it should be under a cut and appropriately labeled.
4. No flaming/insults. Constructive criticism is always acceptable. But don't flame anything. We all have different opinions of certain things.
5. Tag your entries for what you need. I'm only gong to allow moderators to add new tags, so if you need to request one, go here.
6. Anything Purg related is allowed, realistically, but don't plot here. It's why we have purgatorium_ooc. This comm is for FANGASMS. ^_^
7. Don't take everything seriously. Our Purg-muns know that there are high levels of crack inside and outside of the community. We like to have fun, make up crack ships, the whole works. And are definitely not afraid of it.
8. No Advertising. At least for anything that ISN'T PURGrelated (ie: a new this or that). I don't wanna see other RPs here. It's Purg, keep it Purg.
Important Links

Purgatorium itself - information and related.

This Community -
FAQ & Q&A :: Questions you may have about this.
Tag Request :: Request entry tags.
Icon Request :: Request Icons, or get ideas for icons here.
Comments :: Any commentary you have to offer on this community.

Other Important Links -
Purgatorium Fiction Meme
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